Why Diapers

Diaper Need

Diapers are an expensive necessity for anyone with an infant or toddler. They are not covered by any government program such as SNAP or WIC.  When it comes to the well being of Alabama children, our state currently comes in at an appalling 47th ranking, Voices for Alabama Children. In Birmingham, 40.7% of female headed households with children live in poverty, Alabama Possible. Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank desires to help all families experiencing “diaper need” due to financial hardship by providing them with diapers at no cost.

A lack of diapers can also affect childcare options. Many childcare facilities will not allow children to be dropped off without an adequate amount of disposable diapers for the day. A mother or father may have to stay home with their child instead of going to work or school limiting their resources even further.

Mission Statement

Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank cares for the community by meeting the basic, essential, monthly needs of Alabama families.


In 2014, a group of women from Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church who were planning a baby shower for a single mother began discussing the high cost of diapers. After contacting nearby food banks, churches, and the United Way’s 2-1-1 Assistance they found that “diaper need” was, in fact, a reality for thousands of families in our area. There was nowhere for these families to turn for help.

Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank held their first diaper drive in October 2014 at Mountain Chapel UMC collecting over 3,500 diapers and gave away 2,300 of those diapers in December at the Green Valley Baptist Church’s Food Bank. Within the first year of operation, Bundles of Hope distributed nearly 20,000 diapers to families in need. We now distribute 100,000 diapers a month. As of September 2022, we’ve distributed over 4.4 Million diapers.

Current Impact

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we didn’t close a single day and shared over $1.2 Million in resources to meet community needs. Bundles currently partners with over 50 community agencies and has expanded programming to include:

Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank is an Alabama non-profit and 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If you would like information about possibly partnering with Bundles of Hope, please contact us at 205-607-2112 or by email at info@bundlesdiaperbank.org.

Who We Are

Lindsay Gray
Executive Director

Jessica McLean
Program Resource Officer

Macie Phan
VISTA-Volunteer Coordinator

Allyson Lewis
Financial Officer

Holleigh Seales
Community Engagement Coordinator

Ashley Grissom
Drive Coordinator

Betsy Guy
Bluff Park Distribution Coordinator

Barrett Ford

Nancy Owen

Tom Parrish
Board Chair

Theresa Jones
Board Member

Shelly Mize
Board Member

Jennifer McNelly
Board Member